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Who Makes Shipping Containers?

Introduction to shipping container maker

In addition to making specialized shipping containers, shipping container manufacturers also manufacture 20′ and 40′ ocean containers.

Most of the containers are manufactured in China, where a large portion of the world’s export trade is transacted.

This makes it advantageous to manufacture containers in China, where labor is relatively cheap and steel production capacity is high. Indian manufacturers are also prolific, with many specializing in one type of container.

Some of the largest container manufacturers are COSCO Shipping Lines, CMA CGM Group, Hapag-Lloyd, and India’s own container manufacturing company.


CIMC is the world’s largest maker of shipping containers, with a 48% claimed market share. As the logistics and transport industries join the “Industry 4.0” revolution, CIMC explored digitalization, connectivity, and the Internet of Things.

Today, there are between 28 and 31 million shipping containers in transit around the world. As the container fleet grows, it becomes increasingly complex to track individual containers and avoid delays.

For example, theft or loss of containers can be very costly and can cause significant delays. CIMC opted to focus its efforts on these challenges and is now the world’s largest container manufacturer.

CIMC began production in 1982 and credited its strong H1 growth to the growing global commodity trade and the need for shipping containers. The company is headquartered in the tech-heavy city of Shenzhen in the Guangdong province. 

In 2013, it made $3.7 billion in sales and employed more than 64,000 people in a global network of factories and offices. The company now serves customers in more than 20 countries and employs around 80,000 people worldwide.

CIMC has over 40% market share in the international container market, and 56% of the dry marine container market. It operates 12 production bases in China, including Yantai.

The company also has subsidiaries in the real estate industry. It also owns the Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard.

Its products are renowned around the world for their high-quality construction and safety standards. With over two million TEUs manufactured every year, CIMC is China’s largest container manufacturer.


Singamas make shipping containers and other container-related products. Its parent company Qingdo Pacific, which is also a container manufacturer, has a total annual production capacity of 110,000 teu.

Its subsidiary Qidong Singamas Offshore Equipment Company produces 5,000 offshore containers a year.

Singamas make shipping containers and other container-related products for both the local and international markets.

Singamas, which was established in 1988, is one of China’s leading container makers. It operates nine factories in China, which produce dry freight, tank, offshore, and collapsible flat-rack containers.

The company has an annual production capacity of over 980,000 TEU and sells a range of container parts and accessories. Its specialized business is rapidly growing.

To meet the demand for custom containers, the company offers customized and innovative solutions.

The company plans to expand its business into specialized container manufacturing. This new strategy is expected to boost the company’s operational efficiency and overall returns.

As the demand for customized containers continues to rise, Singamas believes it can benefit from the company’s expertise in advanced technologies and broad-based logistics.

By selling the company’s traditional shipping container business, it aims to reinvest its money in the development of specialized shipping containers.

COSCO Shipping, a state-owned conglomerate, recently purchased four Singamas container manufacturing facilities and plans to focus its future business development on producing specialized containers.

Singamas’ competition includes W&K Container, which has been making metal shipping containers for over 25 years. Its global container manufacturing network is ISO certified.

The company’s focus is on manufacturing high-quality shipping containers at affordable prices.

Matson Navigation

Matson Navigation is an American shipping company. Their products are used on many different continents. Founded in 1958, Matson has been in business for more than sixty years.

Since its founding, the company has built more than 36,000 containerships and has a worldwide customer base. With over 7,000 employees, they have expanded their operations and helped customers move their goods.

Matson is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their ships have a variety of different functions, but they all work to transport goods around the world.

The company began converting its fleet in 1960, beginning with the S.S. Hawaiian Citizen. This was the first containership in the Pacific and the United States.

As a result, Matson was able to create a revolutionary system that has changed the way water transportation is done.

The company’s naval architects designed the hull of the vessel to be containerized and saved the American Merchant Marine from going down with all hands.

In addition to its containership fleet, Matson is also a leader in Pacific shipping. The company’s fleet now includes two new vessels, the Aloha Class and the Kanaloa Class.

The Aloha Class vessel is the largest containership in the U.S., while the Kanaloa Class vessels are equipped with a garage to accommodate 500 cars and ample room for rolling stock.

Despite a large number of new ships, Matson is still operating the four steam-powered vessels that were acquired in the 1960s.

Matson is putting three of its younger diesel-powered vessels into reserve status to make room for the new ships.

TLS Offshore Containers

TLS Offshore Containers is a global manufacturer of shipping containers, offshore containers, cabins, and modules.

The company began manufacturing offshore shipping containers in the nineties and now employs over 1600 people.

They specialize in custom-designed containers for offshore uses and provide clients worldwide with cost-effective solutions. The company manufactures steel storage containers for various industries.

For more information, visit tls.com.

Offshore containers are manufactured and supplied in countries around the world, including the UAE, Bahrain, Australia, Canada, and Chile.

Many of these countries are free to trade zones and are lifting trade restrictions, which is boosting the container market. The global market for shipping containers is expected to grow 9% annually from 2015 to 2025.

There are a number of reasons for this growth. First, offshore containers have the most cost-effective transportation costs.

Second, the company has an extensive manufacturing facility. Its factories produce high-quality shipping containers. The company has over 8000 employees and exports over 90% of its output.

They have a capacity of 1.5 million TEU annually, making them one of the leading manufacturers of shipping containers worldwide. TLS Offshore Containers also makes offshore and special-purpose containers.

These containers are perfect for offshore or ocean transportation, and they are ideal for storing goods and oil.

Offshore container use requires the containers to meet strict DNV Quality standards. Containers are exposed to harsh conditions on offshore rigs all year round.

As such, offshore containers must be designed to withstand a higher standard than personal items. This is to reduce risk for the environment, the product, and the infrastructure.

In addition, offshore containers are easier to manage and maintain than personal goods. The shipping container industry is one of the most competitive in the world.

YMC Container Solutions

YMC Container Solutions is a global container manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom. The company manufactures shipping containers for a variety of uses.

Some of its products are offshore containers for oil exploration and nuclear containers for the transportation of vaccines.

TLS Offshore Containers is the world leader in offshore container manufacturing, with a facility covering 150,000 square meters and employing over 1600 people.

YMC Container Solutions manufactures shipping containers for many applications, including oil and gas exploration, transportation, and manufacturing.

While many companies offer generic shipping containers, YMC specializes in specialized containers for specific industries.

These containers are used for a variety of purposes, including the transportation of hazardous materials, such as radioactive waste. YMC also designs and builds shipping containers specifically for the military industry.

In addition to standard shipping containers, they also customize these containers to meet a customer’s specifications. For more information on shipping containers, visit ymccontainersolutions.com.

Governments around the world are focusing on implementing policies to control the emission of CO2.

In addition to using more environmentally-friendly refrigerants, shipment container manufacturers are making an effort to use management software to regulate temperature.

In fact, the new EU F-gas Regulation went into effect on 1 January 2015 with the goal of reducing fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Companies are taking action to comply with these regulations, and YMC Container Solutions is leading the way.


MCI makes shipping containers. Maersk founded the company in 1991, and it specialized in refrigerated containers and special containers. The merger will help CIMC improve its cold chain operations.

MCI will also expand its product line to include marine reefer units. The company employs more than 64,000 people in 20 countries.

Its headquarters are in Denmark. It has R&D and test engineering facilities in Denmark and in Qingdao, China.

Maersk Container Industry is the world’s largest manufacturer of reefer and refrigeration shipping containers. It invented the world’s most energy-efficient reefer container, known as StarCool.

Originally, MCI had factories in China and South America but consolidated them into two China facilities, one for dry containers and another for refrigerated containers.

In addition to making dry and reefer containers, MCI also has R&D and testing facilities in Denmark.

The company has been recognized by Hapag-Lloyd, which placed a record-breaking order with MCI for 13,420 reefer containers. Additionally, Maersk fabricated 12,450 40-foot containers and 9,70 20-foot containers.

Maersk Container Industry made its first profit in b, and today it is part of Maersk. The company has more than 2200 employees and a global network of more than 400 service providers.

The company produces refrigerated containers, reefer containers, and other products for the shipping industry. You can find branches of this company in North and South Carolina, New Jersey, and New York.

In May, Maersk announced a strategic review of its container manufacturing business and concluded that it would sell the business to CIMC.

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