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Shipping Container Accessories: A Comprehensive Guide

Written: July 23, 2021

What shipping container accessories do I need?

Looking to add accessories inside your shipping container? Well, look no further!

Custom modifications and accessories can go a long way in making your shipping container more usable or generally more aesthetically pleasing.

In this guide, we are going to go over exactly which shipping container accessories that you need inside your space.

Jacks for lifting your shipping container

First off, we want to make sure you’re able to move your shipping container in the first place. If the container is going to stay mobile, it is very possible to place its corners in blocks such as cinder blocks or railroad tie-ups which create levels of ground clearance.

The jack for shipping containers may need to be used for your safety. Chassis King offers a safe, comfortable, and convenient system to store your shipping container.


The twist locks of a ground plate are a convenient way to secure a cargo container to a platform. Simply press the ground plate and carefully lower your container to align with the lock bolts. Twist locks could also secure containers arranged around each other. The original design to encapsulate container ships is also used in the U.S. by twist locks in order to securely secure multi-story containers.

Built-in shelving

When you need to store things inside a shipping container, it’s important to keep things organized with shelving. You can buy shelving directly from places like Home Depot, but you may want to put racks or shelving into the wall yourself. There are plenty of options, but overall, shelving is a great addition to any shipping container.

shelving as a shipping container accessory

A chassis

You may plan to move the container structure at a time so that you can put it onto a chassis. Note that there is a special trailer necessary to handle the weight of shipping containers and their contents. A shipping container can usually be relocated by using a lifter or crane.

Shipping container accessories and container parts shipped to your door.

Sometimes it’s easier to just get a shipping container with some of these custom modifications already made in the box. If that’s the case for you, I encourage you to fill out our quick 30 second form to get quotes from a variety of suppliers in your zip code.

Customize your unit with awesome accessories. Stay organized. Make your storage system according to your custom requests.

shipping containers stacked with an airplane flying

Container Ramps to make loading and unloading your container safe

Your storage unit may need a ramp specifically to safely and securely store motorcycles, lawnmowers, and vehicles in your space. It is also important to lock your container in order to keep your additional products safe and secure.

Container Ramps come in many sizes & types depending upon your need. You can find plenty of steel ramps that come in several dimensions and various sizes.

Roller doors

Roller doors are usually more comfortable to open and close than rearranging two massive steel doors. Then you could buy the 20-foot storage container and divide it into 2 parts for your workshop. To simplify the access of each section installed at one end of each container 2 rolls allow entrance to both sections of the workshop. Roll doors can be installed into the top or side of your container, or its end. This will create much easier access to enter or exit your storage container.


Sliding glass windows are also important and are usually built with standard aluminum frames and a custom or standard window. It can be kept as is or fitted with security grills… Swiveling glass also keeps your shipping container a bit fresher with open air. Security grills and shutters can be inserted for added security while also looking stylish.

For more info about installation inside your shipping container, you can contact us with your specific needs and get an instant quote. Our phone number is 1-888-800-0411 so please give us a call and we’d be happy to talk business with you.

shipping container windows

Air vents for shipping containers

Air vents help hold the water level down and stop condensation accumulation. As a result, these devices operate like the introduction of whirling birds they help with your breathing inside the container. Sometimes air vents are already attached to the storage container upon purchase.


Whigbirds can cover the ceiling and keep the cool air inside the container. With the fact that ships are molded of strong steel, they won’t be the place that will last without some form of weather management. When you plan on using an on-site office as your own office space, then installing Whirbybird in it is a great way to cool the container.

whirlybird for your storage container

Container insulation

Insulation keeps a steady and comfortable temperature inside containers. It can also be used to insulate them against condensation – condensation buildup. Whether your container will be for an office or a residence you need insulation.


After installing some power outlets you will need some overhead lights. The most commonly used lighting fixture on ships is the fluorescent light. Any different kind of light is possible – much like in the room of your house. The most commonly fitted lighting is fluorescent lighting bu.


Standard box transportation has hardwood floors of excellent Marine quality. Many people put vinyl flooring into their boxes or even carpeting or tiles. The original flooring is OK to store and transport goods, but not as attractive for personal use.

vinyl flooring for your container

Power outlets

Be prepared to hook up to a wire. Whether for storage or for anything other than delivering goods there will be a power requirement with this type of usage.

Air conditioning

A multicycle office plan for shipping containers is also a great idea to keep cool during the hotter months of the Summer. The managing of climate is an important factor to think about for storage containers.

Bulkhead Door

When a container has insulation a bulkhead door is required. These doors are from interior to exterior straight fitting.

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